VC-ITS launched another project in Kazakhstan

VC-ITS in partnership with VK Project kicked off the new project in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
A framework for operation zone, traffic management and acquiring traffic statistics in the capital of the republic is defined within the first stage of the project.

VC-ITS shipped the necessary equipment to Nur-Sultan in June 2022. VK Project with the support of the VC-ITS engineers installed and commissioned the equipment in the operation zone. The operation zone is in test mode.

The installed Factor software and hardware unit operates on up to four traffic lanes in two directions, registers all vehicles entering the operation zone, automatically recognizes vehicle types and license plates, enforces traffic rules (hard shoulder running, lane violations, speeding, etc.). The system aggregates data from devices in real time and displays the traffic conditions: monitors the traffic intensity, records traffic routes accounting for the day and time.

“VC-ITS solutions previously implemented in the CIS countries are highly rated by the customers. We hope this project to become the starting point for a comprehensive road safety program in the Republic of Kazakhstan,” - commented Maxim Mishchenko, International Development Director of VC-ITS.