VC-ITS traffic enforcement equipment in Vietnam

VC-ITS provided the traffic enforcement equipment which was installed in Vietnamese province An Giang, supported the installation and launch of the system, and organized the 7 days a week service support of it jointly with Vietnamese company InMeeting, located and registered in Hanoi.

VC-ITS supplied equipment which now is used on streets and intersections for speed and traffic enforcement,

The equipment was fully customized to comply with the requirements of Vietnam, including necessary certification procedures.
The weather conditions in Vietnam are specific: high temperature, heavy rains, and high air humidity. But that is not an issue for made-in-Russia systems Cyclops and MicroCyclops. All VC-ITS equipment is designed specially to guarantee the long-term life cycle in different climate conditions.

ALPR system was special and additional trained to recognize the Vietnamese license plates with the highs required level of accuracy up to 98-99%.

The video analytics was specially designed to detect the most common Vietnam traffic violations, capture the photos and videos of detected vehicles, recognize the license plates numbers, automatically create the photo collage and provide the evidence base to the traffic police and local authority. The system also is collecting traffic statistics, which can be analyzed to meet the decisions on how to manage the traffic flows on the Vietnamese streets.

“We believe that Vietnam has a great potential in terms of new technologies, – said Mikhail Matveev, the General manager of VC-ITS LLC. – The business relations between Russia and Vietnam are strong, and our technologies can be used here in a most effective way.”

There is a special customs agreement between Russia and Vietnam since 2016, which allows Russian companies to sell equipment in Vietnam on a preferential basis.

To keep the client satisfied, VC-ITS organized a service support team, which is available on a first call. All major versions of software could be are updated after release; all questions could be answered ASAP.

“Using Russian traffic enforcement equipment of VC-ITS we can provide our customers with the most reliable solutions, which allow them to make the roads safer and the level of life on territories higher, – said Mr. Phong Nguyen, the Chief Technical Officer of Vietnamese company InMeeting, which made integration in An Giang. – Our clients are provincial governments, traffic police, road authorities, and municipalities across entire Vietnam. To keep the quality on the necessary level, we need to cooperate with a reliable manufacturer, like Russian company VC-ITS”.

VC-ITS is keeping developing the business and technical cooperation with Vietnam. The new projects are already in work. Follow the updates.