VC Factor is a reliable and cost-effective solution to improve road safety, collect data for traffic management, recognize license plates in free flow tolling and congestion charging projects
Multi-featured traffic enforcement system with embedded license plate recognition, image analysis software and video surveillance functions. Our brand-new ANPR camera covers 4 lanes at 15 meter width and ensures high accuracy in license plate recognition by poor weather and lighting conditions. The system detects a wide range of traffic violations, measures speed of vehicles, supports real-time matching against police databases and automatic data export to data centers.
20 years
More than 20 years of experience
3000 projects
Over 3000 projects around the world
13 500 systems
13 500 systems installed around the world
VC ITS, LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of ANPR, traffic enforcement and ITS solutions. With over 3000 of installations and 20 years of experience in machine vision, we have a solid background in technology and know our customer.

For the global expansion VC ITS is looking for international partners, interested in distribution of our ANPR & Traffic Enforcement solutions. For partners we are offering flexible pricing, trainings and high-class technical support.
White label option is available for both software and hardware. Allows selling our products under your own brand.
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