Red light violations, illegal turning, driving in the wrong lanes and speeding are the main causes of fatal road traffic accidents, especially at junctions. VC-ITS develops high-performance technology to improve the safety of roads across the globe. The company is the supplier of speed enforcement cameras.

ANPR and Traffic Enforcement
VC Factor
All in one unit for traffic monitoring system
VC FACTOR is designed as an integrated module to be used in traffic enforcement, traffic management, tolling systems and other ITS applications. As a compact and lightweight unit, Factor works 24/7 under various weather conditions. The module provides ALPR with high accuracy, detects a wide range of traffic violations, measures speed of vehicles and supports automatic data export to data centers.
Factor works in stationary mode, in portable mode and in motion mode when installed on a moving patrol car
    • Fully automatic operation for vehicle control on up to 5 traffic lanes simultaneously in both directions.
    • Speed measurement range 0-350 km/h
    • Automatic number plate recognition of various countries and vehicle classification
    • Collections major traffic statistics including the number of vehicles, the minimal, maximum and average speed, plus average traffic density
    • Real-time matching of licence plates against law enforcement databases
    • Exports data to law enforcement centers automatically