Speed & Traffic Enforcement

Fixation of violations on straightway road sections is performed by multi-lane complexes, which control 5 lanes of one or both directions. The complexes used either radar or optical method of speed determination.

Speed Violation: Average Speed
The system is designed to fix violations of speeding on a controlled section of the track. At the entrance to the site and exit from the site, each vehicle is captured, every license plate is recognized. Device at the exit requests data from the first Device for each fixed vehicle. If a vehicle with such a license plate is fixed on the Device 1, data on the date and time of travel, lane number and photos are transferred to the Device 2 installed at the exit. Device at the exit from the controlled area for each vehicle that is fixed at the entrance and exit in a configurable period of time calculates the average speed.
Speed Violation: Instantaneous Speed
Each vehicle is detected and license plate of each vehicle are recognized on the edge in "Factor". Additionally, the system measure speed of each vehicle using 3D Doppler radar. If the measured speed bigger than speed limit, a violation is recorded.

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