About company

VC-ITS, LLC is a leading Russian manufacturer of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS):
ANPR/ALPR, Traffic Enforcement, Video Analytics, Smart Patrol, Weigh in Motion (WIM) Systems and other Smart & Safe roads solutions.

The company belongs to the group, existing since 1999, and it is the oldest Russian company in the traffic enforcement area. The products and solutions are implemented worldwide.

Today VC-ITS, LLC is the team of 120 highly qualified specialists: developers, mathematicians and engineers. We are a product vendor (as well as OEM) and technology provider, including VSaS model, and implement our solutions all over the world via our partners - system integrators.
The company is based in Moscow with partnership network in 55 Russian regions and abroad.

VC-ITS's solutions are widely used for license plate recognition, traffic enforcement, traffic management, video analytics and accidents detection, traffic data collection and in other ITS-related applications. Our products are integrated into complex WIM solutions and traffic flow detection systems, are part of smart city projects and contribute to road safety and security within Russia and in other countries.

VC-ITS provides the modern technologies to support the honored efforts of public safety authorities worldwide in keeping the roads safe from traffic accidents.

We are making great progress and are always developing!
Here are some facts about how we work

  • 1
    More than 20 years of experience
  • 2
    3 000 projects
    Over 3000 projects around the world
  • 3
    13 500 systems
    13 500 systems installed around the world
  • 4
    Individual approach
    Development of a ready-made solution for each customer
  • 5
    Our opportunities
    Own production and development staff
  • 6
    more than 50 partners in Russia and abroad
Тhe systems are installed all over the world
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